Personalised Santa Text Messages (SMS) - Minecraft Theme

Personalised Santa Text Messages (SMS) - Minecraft Theme

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How many of you have kids that love Minecraft?  This Santa Text Message Pack mentions Santa and Mrs Claus building a Minecraft base, and how they have building competitions.  Perfect for all Minecraft fans.

Our Personalised Santa texts are fully personalised around your child, allowing you to mention their name, sex, Christmas Eve location and a special achievement/hobby.  All text messages will be sent from Santa and will show that on your mobile screen.

Remember, you will get 5 Santa text messages for just £2.49, you can choose when these texts are sent upon completion of your order.

  • Hi child’s first name, I just wanted to drop you a text to wish you a Very Merry Christmas. I know you’ve tried hard to be a good boy/girl this year x
  • My Head El Bernard has told me that you love Minecraft, is that true? Believe it or not… I love Minecraft too!
  • I’m having some time off tonight so that I can play Minecraft, it’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my town. Will you be playing tonight?
  • I’ve also been told that you special achievement/hobby – Wow, that’s great! Keep tying your best with all that you do.
  • Will you be at Christmas Eve location on Christmas Eve? I’ll try to get to you early. Hope you have an amazing Christmas child’s first name x