FREE Text Message 18th December

Ho Ho Ho Liam only a week to go, just a quick text to let you know you're on my good list.

(Optional) 20th December

Well Liam it's only 5 days to go. I know you've been such a good boy this year. Keep up the good work x

(Optional) 21st December

Hi Liam your Nan and Grandpa Parnaby have sent me a note to say what a special boy you are.

(Optional) 22nd December

Hello again Liam, my head elf has said you would like me to try and bring you a a BMX

(Optional) 23rd December

Well Liam, it's only 2 days to wait. I'm so excited are you?

(Optional) 24th December

Ho Ho Ho Liam, my sleigh is stacked high and I will soon be on my way to Staindrop. I'll be seeing you x