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Christmas Eve Pack - Direct From Santa

What better way to add to the Christmas Eve excitement, than with our Christmas Eve Pack, bringing the family together and giving the little ones something to do on their longest day.

Place the Santa Stop here sign in the window, hang Santa magical key on the door and leave the magic reindeer food out for Santa reindeer. On the back of the pack there is a Christmas Eve checklist to help you with getting the children to bed; it even gets them to tidy their room.

Presented in a glossy A5 folder, complete with a Christmas Eve check list on the rear.

Pack consists of the following

Remember, you get a Santa key, magic reindeer food and a Santa stop here sign. All for £7.99.

Magic Santa Key

Help keep the magic alive by allowing Santa to use his “Magic Santa Key” to deliver your gifts on Christmas Eve. Simply hang the key on your door on Christmas Eve.

Don’t worry, only Santa Magic can get the Key to fit your door.

The Magic Santa Key can be used year after year and really will add to the excitement of Christmas Eve.

Magic Reindeer Food

Instead of leaving a carrot for Rudolph, why not leave out some “Magic Reindeer Food” either sprinkle the Magic Reindeer Food in the garden or leave on a small plate or bowl for the reindeer to eat.
They need it too keep flying.

Start a new tradition this year with your children, by feeding Santa`s reindeer what they really need. The look on their faces will be truly magical.

Santa Stop Here Sign

Santa stop here sign, great to add to the excitement of Christmas Eve. Something your children can display in the house window with pride and ensures Santa will stop for them.

Great to add to the excitement of Christmas.